Friday, October 9, 2015

Getting Started

Welcome to my brand new blog, Learning. Why the name? Simple - it's my field and a big passion of mine. I work in corporate training, currently with a financial tech company.

After 18 years in learning and development roles, I recently thought it it's time to contribute to my field a bit. There are so many outlets we can use, too. LinkedIn. Twitter. Home-built websites. I chose a basic blog for a couple reasons. It's free (well, this one is) and it's easy (I have kids, enough said). 

In future posts I'll share some info about my experience so you have an idea of who's writing this stuff. And then it's off and running with Learning. My goal is to share some things I've learned, especially focused on L&D in the corporate setting. And I'll share thoughts on current trends, new stuff and who knows what else.

Looking forward to this new adventure and hoping others can benefit!